Bellarmine Percussion Teachers Club

Due to the Coronavirus, Family Gatherings at FCSN have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester. In light of this, we are switching to teaching via an online setting, posting weekly lessons on YouTube and Facebook. Check out our latest material here and stay healthy!



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Friends of Children With Special Needs
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FCSN Percussion Classes
Following the school calender, we teach bi-weekly percussion classes with the organization Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN). Classes are about 40 minutes long, and for each week, we teach a total of 3 classes. Topics we cover include the basics of drumming, introduction to rhythm, and how to play different percussion instruments.
Instrument Designing/Making
Because of the diversity of audiences we work with and the limitations in our budget, we spend a lot of time brainstorming and creating instruments that we may need in classes. Instruments that we've built include shakers, tambourines, and conga drums.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   Can my organization sign up for
      percussion classes?
A:   Yes! We are happy to make classes
      work for all organizations - use
      the “connect with us”.

Q:   What types of classes do you guys
A:   We offer a variety of multimedia
      classes in-person and online. In our
      classes we work on learning how to
      play instruments, how to play along
      with music, and have a lot of fun!

Q:   What age-group of students do you
      guys normally work with?
A:   We work with a diverse group of
      students of all ages.

Q:   How much do your classes cost?
A:   No! Classes are free - we do this to
      increase accessibility of classes to

Q:   Where are you guys located?
A:   We are located in the Bay Area of
      California, but we will work with
      organizations to best meet their
      needs. For example, we offer video
      classes as part of a comprehensive
      online curriculum.

What Can I Do?
At our club, we believe that anyone can help anyone. If you want to join our mission, please share our video content with anyone whom you think might benefit from it.
Thank you!